Portland in the 1960s Signing Event & Book Review

October 24, 2012

Oregon, Reviews

Tonight Wednesday, October 24th at 7:00PM at Powell’s Books Cedar Hills Crossing, join History Press author Polina Olsen for a special signing of Portland in the 1960s: Stories from the Counterculture.

When did the Sixties begin in Portland?

Was it when Karl Leopold Metzenberg opened the Caffe Espresso, the city’s first Italian coffeehouse, in 1958? The Oregonian took a look at the patrons and declared “they are this generation’s intellectual youths. They favor Sartre and Hemingway and admire ‘Pogo.’ They accept Ferlinghetti but think it ostentatious to pack a copy of ‘Howl.’”

When did the Sixties end?

Was it in 1970, when Gov. Tom McCall, in a move Newsweek called “diabolically clever,” headed off antiwar protests by sponsoring a music festival called Vortex at the same time the American Legion was holding its national convention in Portland?

And where was the center of counterculture activity in Portland during the Sixties?

To read more, follow this link to Jeff Baker’s Oregonian review of Polina Olsen’s Portland in the 1960s: Stories from the Counterculture. Share your memories of Rose City counterculture by visiting Portland in the 1960s on Facebook.


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