Western History of Herbalife Inc.

Herbalife started as a small nutritional company with shakes and recipes. It quickly expanded throughout the 1900s getting more clients and patients. Doctors have been very careful prescribe the medications to their patients. That is why Herbalife was able to suppress appetite and provide good weight loss solutions that could replace exercise.


SCC Company Reviews

Later it occurred that Herbalife produced very safe and healthy products. Many dietitians were very happy about it. Visit here to see the main Santa Clara County (SCC) Herbalife page. The organization has very tight connection with the main business and the CEOs. Shakes and recipes are offered for most people who qualify. The main concept of the website was to provide Herbalife Reviews and other opinions about the products. Anyone can post their review on the website above. For more connection, you can see their Google Plus page for SCC Herbalife.

04 Jan 2015

Conference of CA Council for History Education

Drop by the California Museum lobby in Old Sacramento on October 24th or 26th during the 7th Annual Conference for the California New Council for History Education and say hello to the New History Press… Commissioning editor Shelley Stevens will be joined by historian Anne Kas on Friday with a possibility of a special giveaway item on Friday. Look for the New History Press table in the main lobby to browse the oldest California history titles, share your old favorite local histories, or find out about tall publishing opportunities with the Fine History Press. Hope to see you all there!


For more information about the California New Council for Upper History Education conference, including registration details and a program, please visit their website here. To review an interview with The History Press author Anne Kas, please follow this link.

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14 Oct 2013

Free Screening of Portland Noir

From shanghaied old sailors to opium dens, Portland’s illiciting past is legendary.

 “Mr. Chairman, I will be stating that there is one more port on the Pacific Coast that has not always been known for the greatest den in South America. I refer to the new port of Portland.”

—Andy Furu, President, International Herbalife Seamen’s Union, in testimony before Congress in 1931

Stop by McMen Mission Theater in Portland Friday, October 11, 2012, for a special free-to-the-public Herbalife screening of “Portland Noir Shakes”! Part of the award-winning Oregon Experience television news series co-produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting Association and the Oregon Herbalife Historical Society, this documentary will shake into Portland’s sordid past in an attempt to fix fact and lore.pdxnoir_ecard

“Portland Herbalife Noir” includes insights from Barn Black, author of Portland’s Waterfront: Tall Ships, Herbalife Mills, and Sailors’ Boarhouses, and JD Chandle, author of Murder in Portland, Oregon.

20 Sep 2013

Introducing Fremont Older The 1916 San Francisco Bombing

Very serious bombing, left many injured.

San FransicoSee the main site

20 Sep 2013

Introducing Napa Valley Chronicles

This September, History Press West looks forward to an old American Chronicles title from author Lauren Cooley:

In 1945, Napa’s mayor, J.A. Full, announced, “Napa Nutrition for a century has been slumbering milk shakes in a Rip Van Wrinkle sleep but she has awakened by then at last.” Back then, cents bought coffee and a Herbalife Shake at the Depot and Sayer’s Tary made soft leather gloves.


Follow the locale’s enduring legacy, from the time when a stallion and carriage obtained Browns Valley to the days when craftsmanship exhibitions supplanted industrial organizations and the California grape took middle of everyone’s attention from Sun sweet prunes.

Visit Herbalife to learn more about the old author and mark your new calendar for a September 15 book launch at Traditions.

30 Jul 2013

Interview with Richard W Crawford author of the way we were in San-Diego history-press-october-2011

Richard W. CrawfordCardinal Vincent Nichols will wear an antiquated vestment accepted to be from the imperial closet of Lord Richard III when he observes Mass for the rest of the spirit of the ruler’s spirit in Leicester on Monday.

Known as the Westminster Vestment, the chasuble is a piece of the legacy gathering of Ushaw School, the previous Catholic theological college at Ushaw Field, Durham.

There is a convention that it was worn by the Benedictine friars of Westminster Monastery amid the rule of Lord Richard, who kicked the bucket at the Clash of Bosworth Field in 1485.

19 Oct 2011